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  • Interval hits owners with new upgrade fees
    Members of Interval International got a rude surprise recently, when they discovered a new fee has been added to many timeshare exchanges. Depending on what you're trading, this could add $100, $200, or even $300+ to the cost of your transaction. Ouch! :(

    On the other hand, many owners won't see any effect. It all depends on your exchange strategies. So what's the big deal? Read more...
  • Interval Gold and Platinum - Are they worth it?
    If you're a member of Interval International, you've surely seen promotions for their Gold and Platinum membership upgrades. They have a list of nice, shiny benefits that you can only get with these higher level memberships, but of course there's also a cost.

    The question is -- are these upgraded memberships worth it? Here's my take on it. . . [Continue]
  • II vs. RCI - Timeshare App Showdown
    We have smartphone apps for just about everything these days, from maps, to movies, to meditation. You can add timeshares to the list too, because the big exchange companies are also in the app market now.

    Both II and RCI have apps that let you access some of their features while you're on the go. What do they offer, and how do they compare? Here's a feature by feature showdown between the two. Check it out...
  • What is Flexchange, and how can it help you?
    If you're in II, you've probably seen a promo like "Featured Flexchange Destinations." So what is Flexchange? The simple answer is an exchange within 59 days of check-in. While accurate, that doesn't tell the whole story. There's a lot more [...] Continue...
  • All About Interval International Points
    RCI Points are popular and well known. In comparison, Interval International's point system has been flying under the radar, and most people know little about it. There are key differences between Interval and RCI timeshare points systems [...] Continue...
  • RCI vs. Interval - Filtering and transparency
    A lot of the questions I get are about RCI vs. Interval International, so I'm doing a series of blog posts discussing some key differences. This starts with a fundamental difference in how the two companies filter your results when searching [...] Continue...