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Timeshare tips

  • How much is my timeshare worth?

    A lot of people want to know the answer to this:
    "I own a timeshare at __________. I bought it in ______ for ______ and have fully paid it off. I haven't been able to use it recently, and I'd like to sell it. How much can I expect to get for it?"
    I don't have figures for all timeshares at my fingertips, but I can tell you how to research this yourself. Here's a good way to see what your timeshare is worth... Continue...
  • Should I upgrade my week to RCI points?

    Here's a question I get quite frequently - it goes something like this: . . . "We recently attended a presentation, where they told us we could upgrade/convert our week and get points, for $x,xxx. They said weeks like ours aren't very useful anymore, and if we want to get good vacations, we'll need to have points. Should we convert? Is this a good deal?" Continue...
  • What is Flexchange, and how can it help you?

    If you're in II, you've probably seen a promo like "Featured Flexchange Destinations." So what is Flexchange? The simple answer is an exchange within 59 days of check-in. While accurate, that doesn't tell the whole story. There's a lot more [...] Continue...
  • Duped timeshare buyers score a victory

    You've heard the horror stories. Maybe it even happened to you... A couple is steamrollered into buying a timeshare by salespeople who promise them the moon. Later, they discover the promises were lies. A Tennessee couple fought back [...] Read more...
  • How to use the RCI Deposit Calculator, and why

    If you deposit your timeshare with RCI, of course you want to get the best possible exchanges with it. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners get less trading power than they could, and don't realize what they're missing out on. The good news [...] Continue...
  • Do timeshare owners get ripped off on cruises?

    Have you ever used your timeshare to book a cruise? This option is available to many timeshare owners, and it seems like a great way to get a different sort of vacation. But are you getting ripped off if you do this? A new lawsuit charges just that. Continue...
  • Should I cancel my timeshare purchase?

    "I just bought a timeshare at ____________, and I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Should I cancel my purchase?" Unfortunately, there are a lot of timeshare buyers out there with this question. While every situation is different, here's what I think [...] Continue...
  • All About Interval International Points

    RCI Points are popular and well known. In comparison, Interval International's point system has been flying under the radar, and most people know little about it. There are key differences between Interval and RCI timeshare points systems [...] Continue...