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Timeshare tips

  • RCI vs. Interval - Filtering and transparency

    A lot of the questions I get are about RCI vs. Interval International, so I'm doing a series of blog posts discussing some key differences. This starts with a fundamental difference in how the two companies filter your results when searching [...] Continue...
  • RCI Platinum - Still worth it in 2014?

    Last year, I wrote a popular post on RCI Platinum Membership - Is It Worth It?, analyzing the costs and benefits. In 2014, there are some significant updates to the program, so it's time to revisit it. If you're wondering whether Platinum is worth the [...] Continue...
  • Planning Ski Season, Timeshare Style

    We just checked in at Grand Lodge on Peak 7, a fabulous ski-in, ski-out timeshare in Breckenridge, Colorado. It's lovely! Even better, we've booked 5 more ski weeks, too. It's all thanks to timeshares. Here's how we scored an amazing [...] Continue reading...
  • RCI Sale - $219 for a Beach or Ski Week

    There's nothing I love more than discovering sweet vacation deals, so this week's RCI sale is right up my alley. If you move fast, you can pick up some pretty cool discounts. How about just $219 for a Colorado ski week, a beach week in Mexico, or... Continue...
  • Buying a Timeshare in a Tax Auction

    If a landowner fails to pay their property taxes, the county can seize the property and put it up for auction. Did you know timeshares can also be seized for tax default and auctioned by the government? There are online auctions where you can find these... Continue...
  • Selling Timeshares Like Tupperware

    Back in the 1950s, ladies would gather at a friend's house for a Tupperware party. Over cookies and tea, they'd hear about (and purchase) the latest food storage products. Today, similar parties sell everything from jewelry, to chocolate, to... Continue article...