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Timeshare tips

  • When is a studio not a studio?

    When you stay in a timeshare, companies make it sound like choosing a unit size is straightforward. There are studios, 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, etc. But watch out, because a studio isn't always what you think it is! [...] Continue article...
  • RCI Platinum Membership - Is It Worth It?

    If you're a timeshare owner who's part of RCI, then you've undoubtedly seen promotions from them pushing the Platinum membership upgrades. RCI gives you a long list of benefits you can get, but is it really worth it? Here's my full evaluation [...] Read article...
  • Westgate Versailles rises again

    No, this isn't a new timeshare resort. It's a private residence - a 90,000 square foot new home for the founder of Westgate Resorts. After an earlier foreclosure, construction on the palatial residence named Versailles has resumed. See the rags to riches story...
  • What? No DVD player?

    We just checked into a timeshare for a week on Cape Cod, and I was shocked to find that our unit had no DVD player. There was no dishwasher, and only a small kitchen counter. What's the world coming to? Then I brought myself back to reality. Continue...
  • RCI $199 Deals and Platinum Advantage

    RCI is having a special sale on extra vacations, with more than 800 resorts available for just $199 for a week. If you aren't tied to peak season travel, there are some cool deals here. Platinum members of RCI get a special advantage. Read more...
  • Urban timeshares - New York City

    When people think of timeshares, they tend to think about destinations like Orlando, Hawaii, or Las Vegas. What's less well known is that you can find timeshares in major cities, too - even the big apple, New York City. You can stay in a Manhattan timeshare [...] Continue...
  • Timeshare deals - $199 Las Vegas or New Orleans

    How about $199 for a week at a Las Vegas resort, or the French Quarter in New Orleans? This works out to about $28/night for a 7-night stay - what a deal! You can also find Santa Fe, Puerto Vallarta, and more at that same bargain price. Here's the scoop... Read article