Timeshare Tips category | Winning the Timeshare Game - Part 6

Timeshare tips

  • New - Redweek Full Service Timeshare Sales

    If you're looking to sell a timeshare, there are numerous avenues open to you - everything from selling it yourself on Craigslist, to paying one of those scammy companies that will abscond with your up-front fee. Now you have a new option to add to the list...
  • Lost in Limboland, a Timeshare Deal Gone Wrong

    What happens when a timeshare sale has to be recognized by two different organizations to be finalized, and you only get one half right? Your timeshare ends up in limboland, and you could end up paying fees for a timeshare you don't really own. That's one owner's sad story...
  • 5 Ski Weeks - I'm Psyched!

    We've got 5 weeks of ski trips booked at incredible prices this winter, thanks to working the rules of the timeshare game. We're already watching the weather station and ski reports daily, hoping for heaps of the white stuff to fall. Soon, I'll get to try out my new ski gear...