2014 Update - New Interval Exchange Timeline

2014 Update – New Interval Exchange Timeline

If you’re a member of Interval International, chances are that you recently received your 2014-15 II Resort Directory. It’s always tempting to skip right past all the info pages and head for the good stuff. You’ve seen it all before, right?

This year, however, there’s an important change in there. Interval has changed the timeline for exchanges. This can make a difference for you in planning your optimal timeshare usage.

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What’s changed with the Interval timeline

For Deposit First exchanges:

  • Deposit up to 2 years ahead. You can now deposit your week with Interval and place an associated exchange request up to 2 years before the start date of your week. This used to be up to 1 year, unless your resort participated in the Early Deposit program. The 2 year timeframe is now open to all II members.
  • Travel window up to 4 years. The earlier deposit availability now gives you a full travel window up to 4 years (from 2 years before your week up to 2 years after it).

For Request First exchanges:

  • Request up to 2 years ahead. You can now place an exchange request with II up to 2 years ahead of start date of the week you’re exchanging. This used to be up to 1 year, unless your resort participated in the Early Request program. The 2-year option is now open to all II members.
  • Travel window up to 2 years. Being able to place a request earlier now gives you a full travel window up to 2 years (from 2 years before your week up to that week).
Calendar page for New Year's 2014 New years bring new changes – sometimes for the better

How this affects you for Deposit First

So you can deposit your timeshare week up to 2 years in advance now. Why does this really matter, and how can you use it?

We ran into this exact limitation last year. Here’s how it affected us then, and how this new change will be a benefit now.

  • It was March 2013. We were planning a trip to the east coast for later in 2013, and wanted to deposit one of our 2014 weeks and use that for a search in II.
  • We own a 52-week float. The timeshare we wanted to deposit is one with a “full year float”, where every week is classified as a red week. We can book whatever week we want to deposit with the exchange companies.
  • Our best deposit was July. In order to maximize the trading power of our deposited week, we wanted to book the highest value week we could. In this case, that meant booking a July week.
  • We couldn’t do it. Interval’s rule prevented us from depositing a July 2014 week in March 2013. Our choices (neither of them great) were to reserve a lower value March week to deposit, or to wait until July to deposit the higher value week and start our search then.
  • New rule? No problem. Given the new extended II timeline, we would be able to reserve the higher value week, deposit it, and begin our search earlier, just like we wanted.

All in all, it’s a good change. This gives timeshare owners more flexibility with planning their exchanges. You are better able to maximize your value and get the most out of your ownership.

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How this affects you for Request First

With Request First (which is used for all points-based timeshares), this updated exchange timeline seems like it will have even more of a benefit.

  • Request first was a 1-year window. Previously, Request-first exchanges (except those in the special program) were limited to a 1-year window. You could request a trip up to 1 year before your week, and obviously the request could not go past that week, so your total travel window was only 1 year.
  • Deposit first had 2-year requests. Even though deposit-first exchanges were only deposited 1 year before the week, they could travel for a full 2 years after the week. They could request any exchange up to 2 years before the travel date.
  • Deposit first had an advantage. Let’s say you want to get a certain vacation in August 2015. Deposit first people could request that as early as August 2013, while Request first people couldn’t make the request until August 2014. Deposit first was always first in line, which is one of the factors that determines who gets the reservation when a match is found.
  • Now both can request 2 years ahead. With the new rules, the playing field is leveled, and both deposit-first and request-first exchanges can be requested up to 2 years ahead of the travel date.
Happy New Year 2014 and Season's Greetings Wishing you all the best for a wonderful 2014!

Of course, there are caveats

Surprise, surprise. Unfortunately, these new changes may not work for everyone. In the fine print, the II guide says

The 24-month timeframe described … may not be compatible with the use rules of the Home Resort. Members should refer to their Home Resort’s use rules for additional information.

This means you’ll need to check with your own timeshare company or resort and see whether their rules are as flexible as Interval’s when it comes to the timing of your reservations, deposits and exchanges. Hopefully you will be able to take advantage of the improved exchange abilities offered by the updated 2014 II exchange timeline.

Comments? Questions?

Do you think this change will make a difference for your timeshare exchanges? Do you see it as an improvement? Please let us know in the Reply section below! 🙂
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  1. Richard

    Hi Deanna,

    Nice post, well written. What, in your opinion with these new changes, is the most effective way to get an exchange?
    Is it a) Request First, with a high value week, booked two years out and with eligible requests in place, or b) A high value week Deposited two years out with the same requests in place.

    With deposit first you still have the luxury of going past the check in with your request, but what if both scenarios wanted to travel during the two years prior to check in..same dates…same resort etc

    I know the II system for grading weeks is based on the normal stuff plus a few extra ‘secret’ things that we are not privy to but which do you think would be given priority…REQUEST or DEPOSIT (the same week, same request, same time frames etc)
    Love to know

    • Hi Richard –
      Thanks for your comment! That’s an interesting question. As you note, II doesn’t make their calculations public, but here’s my take on it.

      At the 2 years in advance mark, I would expect them to both have the same value and possibility of scoring an exchange. However, as time passes without a match, this could change. The value of your Deposit first is locked in when you deposit it. For your Request first, that week you’re depositing would go down in value as you get closer to the check-in date. As an extreme example, if you’re still searching just a month before your date, that week wouldn’t have much value anymore. So at 2 years out, they’re probably equal, but about 1 year out, you might think about going ahead & depositing to lock in your trade value.

      Thanks for the question, and hope that helps! – Deanna.

  2. Katherine

    I am a Marriott Vacation Club owner, and I don’t think this change adds more time to our “window” because I can only reserve 1 year in advance. I did read your “Caveat”, and just wanted to be sure that I’m not missing something here. Because if Interval International made an improvement for us (a benefit), I would want to take advantage of it. I assume there are timeshare owners that can reserve their home resort more than a year in advance?

    • Hi Katherine – Thanks for your comment! You’re right. Since your timeshare only lets you book 1 year in advance, this change will not help you. There are other resorts that allow reservations further in advance, so they can make use of this rule change. Best of luck with it! – Deanna.

  3. I have a question, I just bought a points system timeshare and I don’t exactly get how it works, I have a floating time share with points based on specific weeks, which is supposed to allow me to have the same points every year. I can’t figure out if this means I have to reserve a specific week still in order to deposit it or request. Because this is my first year, my time is from week 52 to 22, and I really want to use a week in August next year….I can’t book anything until my account is set up….do I request a week in august from interval international and they handle the deposit from the resort that matches from week 52 to 22? or do I reserve it and hope it covers an August week?

    • Hi Laura –
      I can feel your frustration! Unfortunately, different timeshares work differently, so I don’t have an easy answer for you. If you want to email me privately with more details about what you have and what you want to do, I’ll try to help. Best of luck with it! – Deanna.

  4. Joanna

    Is there a market for deposits that one can’t use, I have four deposit into interval and would like to sell them.

    • Hi Joanna –
      I don’t think that’s going to work, since I don’t know of a way to transfer a deposited week into somebody else’s account. Once you book a vacation by exchanging a week, you can make that vacation available to somebody else by using a guest certificate. It’s against the rules to rent out a vacation you get on an Interval exchange for money, but they’re fine with you giving it away. If it’s a deal between friends, I’m sure they’d never know about it, but if you start advertising rentals on eBay, it could be trouble. Know any friends or relatives who want a vacation?
      Good luck with it! – Deanna.

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