5 Ski Weeks - I'm Psyched!

5 Ski Weeks – I’m Psyched!

We’ve got 5 weeks of ski trips booked at incredible prices this winter, thanks to working the rules of the timeshare game. That’s more ski days than I’ve ever taken any time in my life, and it’s great!

We’re already watching the weather station and ski reports daily, hoping for heaps of the white stuff to fall. Soon, I’ll get to try out my new ski gear (a not-so-secret Christmas gift), and I can hardly wait! Soon, we’ll be swooshing down snowy slopes – I’ll be carefully carving turns, while Brian flies by. Soon, we’ll be relaxing in the lodge with a glass of red wine, recapping the best runs of the day. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? 🙂

Winter scene with snow covered trees My crystal ball shows wonderful snowy times ahead…

Did I mention that we got unbelievable deals on this? Thanks to great deals we got by searching timeshare sites, we’ve been able to book 5 weeks at ski resorts, for totally killer prices. Pinetop, AZ has the closest decent skiing to where we live, so we’ll be spending 3 weeks there, plus a week in Taos, and a week in Durango. Let the good times roll!

How cheap is it?

When I said “unbelievable deals”, I wasn’t joking – it really is hard to believe these deals. We got into the Worldmark Taos with a timeshare exchange, and snapped up the others as extra vacations (just pay with a credit card, no exchange needed).

December – Worldmark Pinetop – $183
January – Worldmark Taos – Exchange
January – Roundhouse Pinetop – $199
February – Wyndham Durango – $219
February – Roundhouse Pinetop – $199

Cost for the 4 weeks purchased = $800.

Talk about bargains. Where else can you spend less than $30/night to stay at a ski resort in ski season? You can’t always get deals this cheap, but when it works out, this is great.

How can you find deals like this?

You have to own a timeshare that’s affiliated with RCI, the largest of the timeshare exchange companies. Once you own such a timeshare, then RCI is well worth joining, if only to get deals like this. There’s an annual fee to join ($89 to $124), but you can save that much on a single vacation. Once you’re a member, the fun begins.

Just log into RCI, search for Extra Vacations, and start scanning what they have. Right now (the beginning of December), searching for Rocky Mountains for a January check-in (4 to 8 weeks from today), shows 48 resorts available, with varying prices. They’re not all ski destinations, but a lot of them are.

Who can benefit from this?

Any timeshare owners who have a lot of free time available (beyond the timeshare vacations they already own), can use these extra vacations to take inexpensive trips. The more free time you have, the more use you can make of these deals. If you’re retired, or have a flexible job that lets you travel when and where you want, you can wind up with many cheap vacations. Who knows? You might end up with 5 weeks of ski trips one year! 😉

A ski resort making snow This ski resort is getting ready, and so am I!

Insider tip

Start watching
what’s available fairly early. We booked some of these trips as early as May and June. You’re taking a chance on the snow conditions, but as you get closer to ski season, the prices start going up. If you wait until there’s already a great snowfall on the ground, you won’t find much available.

You pay your money and you take your chances. Me? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a white winter. Now, let it snow! 😉

Comments? Questions?

Timeshare Buyer's GuideHave you gotten any great deals like this, or have any questions about it? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in getting into the world of timeshares, check out this buying a timeshare guide, Winning the Timeshare Game: Buying the Bargains. You can save thousands of dollars buying a timeshare, and then enjoy vacation opportunities like this!

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