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Deanna Keahey has loved travel and adventure her whole life. She is a veteran of the travel industry, and for 7 years ran an international tour company that operated trips in the US, Europe, Caribbean, Central and South America. Her timeshare experiences began with one rather painful (but funny in hindsight) timeshare presentation years ago in Mexico. Since then, she’s enjoyed many fabulous timeshare vacations.
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Brian with a Hawaii sunset, KailuaBrian Cook is an adventurous type too, flying planes and helicopters for many years. Brian has owned timeshares at various resorts for over a decade. He has bought timeshares for as little as $1, and discovered many ins and outs of ownership. He’s used every avenue available with his timeshares, learning to multiply vacations and minimize costs. He takes numerous timeshare vacations each year, with 11 weeks in 2012.
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When the two of them met, Brian showed Deanna how he used timeshares to get many vacations and unbelievable deals. She quickly realized that Brian knew how to work the timeshare system much better than most people. Some people pay tens of thousands of dollars, and end up with a timeshare they barely use. Brian was paying a tiny amount for timeshares, and getting a huge amount of benefit from them.

Thus was born the idea for this collaboration, Winning the Timeshare Game. Deanna wrote the book, while Brian provided insider information, practical tips, and some of his personal success stories. We both hope that this information is useful for you, and that you get as much enjoyment out of timeshares as we do.

We’re here to share the secrets the developers don’t want you to know. You don’t need to play the game by their rules, when you can follow a different path, and save thousands of $$$. We’ll show you how. We want everybody to have as much fun and success with timeshares as we do!

Brian & DeannaWinning the Timeshare Game

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