Diamond - Winning the Timeshare Game


  • How to get rid of your Diamond Resorts timeshare


    * Does it seem like your timeshare fees are out of control?
    * Are you feeling the pinch, as this takes an ever bigger bite out of your budget?
    * Do you kick yourself every time the bills come in?
    * Do you wish you could just get rid of the thing?

    If you’re looking for an exit plan from your timeshare, here’s a possibility from Diamond Resorts . . . [Continue…]

  • Timeshare owners win this round…


    In a classic David vs. Goliath battle, timeshare owners at a small resort in Lake Tahoe have fended off an attempt by Diamond Resorts to take control — at least for now.

    In an industry where the power balance seems to increasingly favor the big companies, it’s encouraging to see individual owners banding together and taking action. Find out what went down…

  • Selling Timeshares Like Tupperware


    Back in the 1950s, ladies would gather at a friend’s house for a Tupperware party. Over cookies and tea, they’d hear about (and purchase) the latest food storage products. Today, similar parties sell everything from jewelry, to chocolate, to… Continue article…