RCI - Winning the Timeshare Game


  • Timeshare exchange fees – How much is too much?


    In December 2016, RCI raised their exchange fees again. If you’re an RCI member, you know this is not uncommon. In fact, it comes less than a year after the last increase.

    Anyway, this got me thinking… When it comes to exchange fees, how much is too much? Continue…

  • RCI Changes their Combine Deposits feature


    RCI has announced that they are changing how Combine Deposits will work, effective Sept 17, 2016. If you’re an RCI Weeks owner, then this could affect your strategy for managing your deposits. You might want to take action quickly, too!

    What’s changing and how will it affect you? Read all about it…

  • How RCI Trading Power Protection works


    When you have to cancel a vacation due to health, work, family or any other reason, it’s always a bummer. Vacations are some of the best times in life, and missing out on a trip you’ve been looking forward to is always hard. If you also suffer financially as a result of the cancellation, then it’s even worse.

    When you get a timeshare exchange vacation through RCI, you have the option of getting Trading Power Protection. What does this do, and is it worth the price? Read on to find out…

  • II vs. RCI – Timeshare App Showdown


    We have smartphone apps for just about everything these days, from maps, to movies, to meditation. You can add timeshares to the list too, because the big exchange companies are also in the app market now.

    Both II and RCI have apps that let you access some of their features while you’re on the go. What do they offer, and how do they compare? Here’s a feature by feature showdown between the two. Check it out…

  • Should I upgrade my week to RCI points?


    Here’s a question I get quite frequently – it goes something like this: . . . “We recently attended a presentation, where they told us we could upgrade/convert our week and get points, for $x,xxx. They said weeks like ours aren’t very useful anymore, and if we want to get good vacations, we’ll need to have points. Should we convert? Is this a good deal?” Continue…

  • How to use the RCI Deposit Calculator, and why


    If you deposit your timeshare with RCI, of course you want to get the best possible exchanges with it. Unfortunately, many timeshare owners get less trading power than they could, and don’t realize what they’re missing out on. The good news […] Continue…

  • All About Interval International Points


    RCI Points are popular and well known. In comparison, Interval International’s point system has been flying under the radar, and most people know little about it. There are key differences between Interval and RCI timeshare points systems […] Continue…

  • RCI vs. Interval – Filtering and transparency


    A lot of the questions I get are about RCI vs. Interval International, so I’m doing a series of blog posts discussing some key differences. This starts with a fundamental difference in how the two companies filter your results when searching […] Continue…