Westgate - Winning the Timeshare Game


  • Westgate takes timeshare lawsuit to Supreme Court


    This is a follow-up to a previous post I wrote, “Duped timeshare buyers score a victory”. In that one, a Tennessee couple took Westgate Resorts to court, claiming that they had been misled while buying a timeshare. The court ruled in favor of the couple, and handed Westgate a $600,000 judgment for punitive damages, saying the company “engaged in intentional and fraudulent conduct.” The story doesn’t end, there, however… Read more…

  • Duped timeshare buyers score a victory


    You’ve heard the horror stories. Maybe it even happened to you… A couple is steamrollered into buying a timeshare by salespeople who promise them the moon. Later, they discover the promises were lies. A Tennessee couple fought back […] Read more…

  • Westgate Versailles rises again


    No, this isn’t a new timeshare resort. It’s a private residence – a 90,000 square foot new home for the founder of Westgate Resorts. After an earlier foreclosure, construction on the palatial residence named Versailles has resumed. See the rags to riches story…