Extra vacations - Winning the Timeshare Game

Extra vacations

  • Interval Gold and Platinum – Are they worth it?


    If you’re a member of Interval International, you’ve surely seen promotions for their Gold and Platinum membership upgrades. They have a list of nice, shiny benefits that you can only get with these higher level memberships, but of course there’s also a cost.

    The question is — are these upgraded memberships worth it? Here’s my take on it. . . [Continue]

  • Planning Ski Season, Timeshare Style


    We just checked in at Grand Lodge on Peak 7, a fabulous ski-in, ski-out timeshare in Breckenridge, Colorado. It’s lovely! Even better, we’ve booked 5 more ski weeks, too. It’s all thanks to timeshares. Here’s how we scored an amazing […] Continue reading…

  • RCI Sale – $219 for a Beach or Ski Week


    There’s nothing I love more than discovering sweet vacation deals, so this week’s RCI sale is right up my alley. If you move fast, you can pick up some pretty cool discounts. How about just $219 for a Colorado ski week, a beach week in Mexico, or… Continue…

  • RCI $199 Deals and Platinum Advantage


    RCI is having a special sale on extra vacations, with more than 800 resorts available for just $199 for a week. If you aren’t tied to peak season travel, there are some cool deals here. Platinum members of RCI get a special advantage. Read more…

  • Timeshare deals – $199 Las Vegas or New Orleans


    How about $199 for a week at a Las Vegas resort, or the French Quarter in New Orleans? This works out to about $28/night for a 7-night stay – what a deal! You can also find Santa Fe, Puerto Vallarta, and more at that same bargain price. Here’s the scoop… Read article

  • Timeshare deals – Bahamas and Portugal


    Here are a couple of money-saving vacation deals, hot off the press. If you’re into tropical islands and boats, there’s a yacht club resort in the Bahamas you can get for an amazing price. If European culture is more your style, check out this cool place in Portugal…

  • Comparison shopping RCI and Interval International


    As multi-timeshare owners, we’re members of both RCI and Interval International (the 2 largest exchange companies). The downside of this is that we end up paying 2 membership fees. The upside is that we get to view both systems. This is where it gets interesting…

  • Why pay for 7 nights if you only need 2?


    If you’re planning a weekend getaway, why would you want to pay for a whole week? Intuitively, this doesn’t make much sense, and for hotel stays it would be a huge waste of money. With timeshare vacations, though, this can be a useful strategy…

  • All-inclusive fees can multiply your costs


    If you’re a timeshare owner who belongs to RCI, you’ve probably looked through the Extra Vacations. There are some real bargains! One thing to watch out for, however, is the all-inclusive resorts. The fabulous deal you see could turn out to be dramatically different…

  • 5 Ski Weeks – I’m Psyched!


    We’ve got 5 weeks of ski trips booked at incredible prices this winter, thanks to working the rules of the timeshare game. We’re already watching the weather station and ski reports daily, hoping for heaps of the white stuff to fall. Soon, I’ll get to try out my new ski gear…