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Seller tips

  • How to Sell Your Timeshare – Real life case study

    How can I sell my timeshare? This is a question I get pretty often, so I decided to do a real life case study for you.

    I’m selling a timeshares myself, and I’ll walk you through the entire process, step by step, showing exactly what I’m doing. Every owner wants to sell at some point, so find out exactly how to sell your timeshare. Continue…

  • Timeshare for Sale – San Diego Gaslamp Plaza Suites

    Here’s the ad I created during my How to sell your timeshare real life case study.

    Prime location, super trader, bargain price —
    The Gaslamp Plaza Suites is an urban timeshare in downtown San Diego’s Gaslamp district. It’s a renovated historic building, with a marble-lined lobby, European decor in the rooms, and a rooftop terrace with a view of the city…. [Continue…]

  • How to get rid of your Diamond Resorts timeshare

    * Does it seem like your timeshare fees are out of control?
    * Are you feeling the pinch, as this takes an ever bigger bite out of your budget?
    * Do you kick yourself every time the bills come in?
    * Do you wish you could just get rid of the thing?

    If you’re looking for an exit plan from your timeshare, here’s a possibility from Diamond Resorts . . . [Continue…]

  • Is donating your timeshare a scam?

    If you’re a timeshare owner who wants to get out of your recurring maintenance fees, donating it to charity sounds like a pretty sweet deal. You can just give it away, be done with the bills, get a tax deduction, and do some good for a worthy cause.

    So what’s the problem? . . . The US Department of Justice wants to close down a major timeshare donation company, and the IRS says this is part of a tax fraud scheme that has been going on for years.

    From a timeshare owner’s point of view, there is good news, bad news, and some REALLY bad news! . . . [Continue…]

  • How much is my timeshare worth?

    A lot of people want to know the answer to this:

    “I own a timeshare at __________. I bought it in ______¬†for ______ and have fully paid it off. I haven’t been able to use it recently, and I’d like to sell it. How much can I expect to get for it?”

    I don’t have figures for all timeshares at my fingertips, but I can tell you how to research this yourself. Here’s a good way to see what your timeshare is worth… Continue…

  • Can a resort block your timeshare sale?

    When you buy a timeshare, you usually know that you’ll want to sell it sometime in the future. But what if you find a buyer for it, then the resort won’t allow your sale? Can they keep you stuck with it forever, paying those maintenance fees indefinitely? Continue…

  • Florida bill could make it harder to sell your timeshare

    A bill that’s currently in the works in Florida could make it more difficult to sell a timeshare you own in that state. The bill, known as HB 7025 was originally about timeshare details like foreclosure procedures and reserve calculations. Then at the last minute…