Considering buying a timeshare?

Are you considering buying a timeshare?

WAIT! Don’t go near a timeshare tour until you read this.


Now don’t get me wrong. Timeshares can be a WONDERFUL thing! I should know – I’ve taken MANY fabulous timeshare vacations, and gotten some incredible deals.

The thing is that most people have NO IDEA of what’s really going on. They don’t realize how much money they’re wasting!


NOTE: I’m not selling timeshares. I don’t work for a timeshare company – never have. I’m here to tell you what those companies would rather you never knew…

So you’re thinking of a timeshare – good idea!

If you’re reading this page, then you already realize that timeshares can offer amazing vacations.

Perhaps to some place like this?

View from your balcony at this beach resort How would you like to wake up to a view like this?

There’s nothing like waking up at your leisure (no blaring alarm clock!), wandering over to your private balcony, and soaking up some sunshine while you admire a view like this.

In my book, that’s pretty much the perfect way to start the day! 🙂

How do you want to spend your vacation day in paradise? Sitting by the pool, sipping a long, cool drink? Taking the kids snorkeling? (They’re so excited by all the colorful fish!) Exploring the nearby village? Jet skiing? Lying on the beach and reading a novel? Maybe a round of golf, or a hot stone massage?

Decisions, decisions… 😉

Now maybe tropical beach resorts aren’t really your thing.

Perhaps you’re more interested in family-oriented theme parks? Ski vacations and mountain chalets? Exciting big city nightlife?

Timeshares can be any of these, and more. You can find timeshares around the world, with a staggering variety of settings, styles, and activities.

Personally, I ADORE the tropical beach thing, but feel free to substitute your own dream vacation here.

The story remains the same, so read on.

Now let’s take a closer look…

Gorgeous pool at this resort is right by the ocean This is a vacation to dream of!

Soon, people start wandering out to the pool after breakfast, and the sounds of happy vacationers start to fill the air.

Everybody here is enjoying the same relaxing vacation. They’ve got

* The same expansive views
* The same sandy beach
* The same stunning pools
* The same sophisticated cuisine
* The same upscale room decor
* The same workout room (for those with energy to burn!)
* They’re even drinking the same chilled beverages

Here’s the kicker!

What you can’t see (and what many of them don’t know) is that they paid dramatically different prices to be here.

Couple A

You see that couple over on the left, couple A? They paid a small fortune (over $30,000!) for the right to be here. They bought a timeshare here, and they visit every year. So far, they love the place (who wouldn’t?), and are quite happy with their purchase.

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t be quite as pleased if they knew the rest of the story!

Couple B

You see, sitting over on the other side of the pool is couple B. They got an identical timeshare here for under $1,000! They also visit every year. They also love the place, and are happy with their purchase. And they got it all for a fraction of the price.

Let see – you could pay $30 grand, or you could save about 97% and get the same thing for under a thousand…


I don’t know about you, but when I found out about this, wheels started turning in my head!

Why? What’s the difference?

How come these two couples ended up paying such wildly different prices to stay at the same resort?

They both have the same opportunities, intelligence, and ability. They obviously have the same tastes in vacations. Yet one couple spent a ton of money on this, while the other saved a ton of money.

Paul Zane Pilzer once said, there are just TWO traits that define the super successful from the … well, not so successful. Just two things:


Think about that for a second. Let it sink in, because that’s important. It’s part of the secret. It leads people down completely different paths.

  • Some people let life happen to them. They wander through life, reacting to what happens around them. Somebody tells them “Why not buy this for $30K“, and they do. These people are riding the bus.
  • Other people decide what they want, and then figure out how to get it. They’re independent, and they work the system, rather than the system working them. These people are driving the bus.

So now what?

Your pool chair is waiting for you! This could be waiting here, just for you…

The resort you’re dreaming of is there, with an open chair by the pool waiting just for you.

What do you do?

  1. Let the opportunity slide on by, joining all the other things you never did in your life?
  2. Let a fast-talking salesperson talk you into paying through the nose? (For a mere $30,000…)
  3. Spend a little effort and brain power, and learn how to get what you want on your own terms?

I was never a trekkie, but there was one line Captain Picard used to say that I always loved: “Make it so“.


If you’re the kind of person who wants to “Make it so“, then I’ve got a ton of great information to help you do just that.

I’ll explain to you why the way so many people get into timeshares is just plain wrong, and how there’s a MUCH smarter way to go about it!

(NOTE: I’m not selling timeshares, and I don’t work for a timeshare company. I’m a timeshare owner who’s learned a lot about it, and my goal is to help you learn how to work the system, too.)

You need to be careful, and know what you’re doing, but with a little education and extra effort, you CAN get the vacations of your dreams for less than you ever imagined.

If you want to hear more, add yourself to the list below.

Me, enjoying another Hawaiian sunset

Thanks, and I’ll catch you soon! 🙂

~ Deanna “Make it so” Keahey

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