Contest - Win a Disney Vacation Club Membership

New Contest – Win a Disney Vacation Club Membership

If you think staying at a Disney resort would be fun for your family, you might want to check out the new Disney Getaway Your Way Sweepstakes.

The grand winner receives a 3-year trial membership in the Disney Vacation Club. The lucky winner could end up staying at Disney’s Beach Club Villas in Orlando, the Animal Kingdom Villas, the Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa, or other Disney resorts of your choice.

A magical evening glow, at Disney's Beach Club Resort Evening by the pool, at Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club Resort

How the contest works

When you enter the contest, it sets up an animated board game for you to play. You select different themes, which correspond to various Disney resorts. Then you roll your virtual dice, and race the Evil Queen or another Disney villain to the finish line. Along the way, you pick up souvenirs, stop at important Disney sites, get stuck in tourist traps, and might have a flat tire.

A curious giraffe, at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge Another guest at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

An interesting twist in the game is that winning a race gets you “virtual vacation points“. These aren’t worth anything unless you win the grand prize, but if you do win the 3-year membership, your “virtual points” will be added to the value of your prize. The sweepstakes encourages you to go back and play the game daily, so that you can continue to accumulate more virtual points.

What’s the catch?

Of course, the intent of all this is to sell you a timeshare membership in the Disney Vacation Club, and you can expect to be contacted by someone with that aim if you enter. However, no purchase or sales presentation is required to win, so you don’t have to talk to them any longer than you want to.

The contest is open to most residents of the US, and some residents of Canada. Entries close on Jan 31, 2013. For more, see the Official rules.

Check out the Disney Getaway Your Way Sweepstakes

Comments? Questions?

Timeshare Buyer's GuideAre you a member of the Disney Vacation Club? If so, how do you like it? Any tips for folks that haven’t joined? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

Just in case you aren’t the grand winner in this sweepstakes, it doesn’t hurt to have a fallback plan. The cheapest ways to get a timeshare (aside from winning one) are all covered in our new book Winning the Timeshare Game – Buyer’s Guide. It won’t help you with the sweepstakes, but it could save you big bucks! 🙂

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