Timeshare Destination - Venice, Italy

Dream Destination – Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most romantic cities on earth, with its winding canals and serenading gondoliers. You can enjoy the unique pleasure of a city without cars, exploring its watery labyrinth by boat and on foot. It’s like nowhere else on earth, and everybody deserves to see it at least once. (And no, The Venetian in Las Vegas isn’t “just like Venice“!)

Did you know there are timeshares in Venice? I was surprised to see this, since it’s not your typical timeshare destination, but it’s true. You can use your timeshare for a stay in this remarkable, romantic, wonderful city. Here’s the scoop…

Gondolas in Venice, Italy Gondolas at rest on an evening in Venice

The city of 117 islands

Where else can you find a city built on 117 islands?

Located in northeastern Italy, on the coast of the Adriatic, Venice has been called “The floating city”, “The city of bridges”, and “Undoubtedly the most beautiful city built by man.” There are 117 islands here, with a myriad of canals between them, connected by hundreds of bridges.

Though this seems an unlikely place to build a great city, Venice has an illustrious history dating back to at least the 5th century. It became a flourishing center for maritime trade, and was home to Marco Polo. The city was also an important launching point for the Crusades. Both trade and battles brought wealth and artworks to Venice, and Venice is now home to the most artistic masterpieces per square kilometer in the world.

Today, visitors marvel at the art, and also at Venice itself, with its remarkable palazzos that line the Grand Canal, and its unique, water-focused lifestyle. Here’s a cool video that shows that well.

The other side of Venice

Venice has its grand sights, like St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace. However, there’s at least as much pleasure to be found in exploring its winding little side streets. When you get away from the tourist path, you discover something that feels far more authentic, and is equally memorable.

Though I’d never leave the city without cruising down the Grand Canal and sipping a cappuccino at Piazza San Marco, I’ll always make time to just wander through the lesser known parts of town, too. Once you get away from the main tourist areas, you’ll find tiny streets, small squares and churches, and delightful restaurants, all tucked away from the crowds. It’s quite wonderful.

A small canal in Venice, Italy One of the many charming canals in Venice

Somewhere or other, I ran across this passage from Goethe’s Memoirs, where he talked about how narrow the streets of Venice are…

In most of the streets, you may touch the wall on both sides with each hand; in the smaller ones, you cannot go through them with your arms akimbo, as your elbows then meet the houses.

On my last visit there, I made a point of looking for one of those “arms akimbo” streets, and sure enough I found one! 🙂

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Timeshares in Venice, Italy

Here are a few of the timeshares in Venice.

  • Palazzo del Giglio, Venice, Italy Palazzo del Giglio Palazzo del Giglio-Residenza Alberghiera – This lovely property is situated in the heart of Venice, ideal for sightseeing to St. Mark’s Square, the Rialto Bridge, and more. The palazzo is small and elegant, with original antique pieces, sophisticated decor, multilingual staff, and a full range of services and modern amenities.
    How to stay here? This is an RCI Gold Crown resort, #3946.
  • Domina Ca'Zusto, Venice, Italy Domina Ca’Zusto Domina Ca’Zusto – This historic building dates to the 14th century. Built in the traditional Venetian style, it has been carefully restored and elegantly furnished to retain its authentic character. The hotel is in the Sestiere Santa Croce area of Venice, close to the Grand Canal. Rooms have air conditioning and satellite TV.
    How to stay here?This is an II Premiere Resort, code ZUS, though it says “Limited exchange activity.”
  • Ca' de Venezia Ca’ de Venezia, Venice, Italy Ca’ de Venezia – This is not a normal timeshare resort, but a number of apartments at different locations in Venice. It lets you spend your time in the city in a typical flat, feeling more like a local and less like a tourist. You can discover a part of the city away from the crowds, while still being in the historic center, not far from St. Mark’s.
    How to stay here? This is an RCI Hospitality property, resort #4250.
Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice

Destination details

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  • Where it is – Venice is in northeastern Italy, on the Adriatic coast.
  • How to get here – You can fly into Venice’s Marco Polo Airport (airport code VCE). You can also take the train here if you’re traveling elsewhere in Europe, or you can drive. Of course, any of these will only get you so close – you’ll need water transportation for the last stretch to your hotel.
  • Weather – The warmest months are July and August, and of course it’s also quite crowded then. May-June and Sept-Oct are very pleasant. Winter is cold, but my favorite trip to Venice was in January – we got to see the city with no crowds! 🙂 See weather averages for Venice.
  • Carnevale – During this February event, the city has fabulous masquerade balls, filled with people in fantastic costumes and those famous Venetian masks. I’m sure it’s hard to score a timeshare here for Carnevale, but you never know. Here’s the National Geographic photo gallery.

For more information, see:
* Visit Venice Tourism

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Have you been to Venice? Ever stayed in a timeshare there? Let me know what you think in the Reply section below!

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