Interval International Gold and Platinum - Worth the price?

Interval Gold and Platinum – Are they worth it?

If you’re a member of Interval International, you’ve surely seen promotions for their Gold and Platinum membership upgrades. They have a list of nice, shiny benefits that you can only get with these higher level memberships, but of course there’s also a cost.

The question is — are these upgraded memberships worth it? Here’s my take on it…

Bars of gold Interval Gold membership – Is it worth it?

Interval Gold and Platinum – What’s the cost?

  • Gold = $64
  • Platinum = $139

These costs are on top of your normal $89 membership fee. That means for a year, you’d be paying a total of $153 (gold) or $228 (platinum).

There are discounted rates available for multi-year upgrades, but I think it makes sense to try it out for a year first, before laying out more money for a 3 or 5 year upgrade.

What is Interval Gold vs. Club Interval Gold? The first is an upgraded gold membership, while the second is Interval’s points program. Personally, I find this terminology unclear and confusing. Why not just call it Interval Points? Or even Interval Titanium Points? πŸ™‚

Now let’s see the benefits!

Core Monetary Benefits

These are the things that can actually save you money. Perhaps they can make the membership upgrade pay for itself? It all depends on how you travel, so here’s the scoop…

1. Getaway Discounts (Gold & Platinum levels)

This is one benefit that can easily make an upgrade worthwhile — IF you purchase Interval’s Getaway vacations.

  • Gold: $25 off Getaways. If you book 3 Getaways in a year, it will cover your $64 membership upgrade and leave you $11 ahead.
  • Platinum: $50 off Getaways. If you book 3 Getaways in a year, it will cover your $139 membership upgrade and leave you $11 ahead.

Do you book 3 or more Getaways per year? If so, then an upgrade is definitely worthwhile.

Since both Gold & Platinum give you $11 net benefit with 3 Getaways, you might as well go for Platinum. That way, you’ll save more on any additional Getaways, and also get the other advantages of Platinum too.

2. Hotel savings (Gold & Platinum levels)

If you make your hotel reservations through the Hotels page on Interval’s website, then you can save money.

  • Gold: Get 5% off hotel bookings
  • Platinum: Get 10% off hotel bookings

How it works

Interval International works with Orbitz to handle hotel bookings on their site. Any Interval member can book hotels this way, and Gold & Platinum members get a rebate on the cost of their hotels.

You must book through the Hotels section on You pay the normal price, then get your rebate automatically within 10 days after checking out of the hotel.

How do the prices on Interval compare to other hotel booking sites? I did a quick spot check for 5 hotels in Denver for the same dates.

  • 3 hotels had same price on Interval and
  • 1 hotel was cheaper on Interval
  • 1 hotel was cheaper on

So the Interval rates are competitive, and you can probably save money with their discounts. However, it’s still a good idea to comparison shop, since you might be able to get a better rate elsewhere, even counting the discount.

Hotel Le Negresco, in Nice Get money back on hotel bookings around the world

Is it worth it? How much do you spend on hotels?

  • The $64 Gold fee (5% off hotels) would pay for itself with $1,280 worth of hotel bookings.
  • The $139 Platinum fee (10% off) would pay for itself with $1,390 worth of hotels.

3. Free Guest Certificates (Platinum only)

Platinum members can give either exchange vacations or Getaways to somebody else, without paying the normal fee for a guest certificate (currently $59).

Is it worth it? It can be if you use guest certificates. The $139 Platinum fee would pay for itself with 3 guest certificates, leaving you $38 ahead.

Vacation flexibility benefits

These benefits aren’t going to give you cash in your pocket, but they may enable you to take vacations that you wouldn’t get otherwise. You’ll need to decide what that’s worth to you.

4. ShortStay Exchanges (Gold & Platinum)

Gold and Platinum members can book ShortStay Exchanges, which let you trade one timeshare week for two separate vacations, each of which could be 1 to 6 nights. Of course, if you own Interval points, you can just book short stays with your points.

For owners of timeshare weeks, this has the potential to be a nice benefit, if you don’t always want to travel a week at a time. There are a couple of caveats here, though…

  • Availability for short stays is pretty limited. You can’t really count on them having what you want, but on the other hand, if you want what they have this can be nice.
  • You’ll pay more in fees. (E.g. booking a 1-week exchange online has a $179 fee, while booking 2 x 4-night stays would cost you $149 each, or $298 total. Of course, you get two trips out of that!)

What’s it worth? It depends on your vacation style and goals.

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5. Interval Options & Interval Experiences (Gold & Platinum)

Interval Options lets you exchange your timeshare for a cruise, golf, or spa vacation. Interval Experiences adds a selection of unique adventures you can also book using your timeshare.

For instance, here’s one that just caught my eye:

  • 3-night stay at a fancy igloo in Finland (complete with fireplace, sauna, and glass roof to watch the northern lights), along with a private Reindeer Safari. Now that sounds super cool to me! πŸ™‚

Here’s how it works

  • You can request cruise exchanges online, but to book anything else you need to call in and speak with a representative.
  • Exchange requests are handled as a “Request first”, which means that you don’t have to give Interval your timeshare until after they find something for you. However, you do need to pay an exchange fee at the time the request is created.
  • When they find a product that fits what you’re looking for, they will confirm your exchange. At this time, you give your timeshare to Interval, and pay whatever “supplemental fee” is required.
  • What’s this supplemental fee? Here’s what Interval has to say about it:

“Unlike exchanging for resort accommodations through Interval’s exchange program, Interval Options exchanges require additional fees because tour, golf and spa vacations are typically customized packages. Payment of the Interval Options transaction fee is required, as is a supplemental fee that varies based on many factors, including the Interval Options vacation selected, the itinerary, travel dates, the accommodations selected, and the Home Resort unit relinquished.”

What’s it worth? Hard to say. You can definitely get some cool vacations this way, but is it worthwhile?

Would it be a better deal to book that same igloo in Finland from the resort itself, or by exchanging your timeshare through Interval?

The problem is that with this system, it’s very difficult to do any comparison shopping, since you don’t know how much that “supplemental fee” is until so far into the process.

6. Platinum Escapes (Platinum only)

These are super-discounted vacation weeks that are available only for Platinum members. These limited time offers are published a few times per year, and include vacations as low as $49 per week. The downside is that there’s not a lot of inventory available for these deals.

What’s it worth? Selection is very slim, but if you find something here that you want, it could certainly be a good deal! Where else can you get a whole week of vacation for just $49? πŸ™‚

7. Priority Getaway Viewing (Platinum only)

Platinum members get early access to Getaways, before they’re made available to other members.

What’s it worth? Do you buy Interval Getaways? Have you found that it’s hard to get what you want? If so, then this might be useful for you, but only if you plan to buy high-demand Getaways.

Side benefits

There are also a whole range of other side benefits – little perks that some people may enjoy, while many owners will get no value from them.

Vintage Hertz car rental ad Just drive your rental car right up by the pool

8. Hertz Gold Plus rewards (Gold & Platinum)

You can enroll in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards for free on the Hertz website, so the special offer here is that going through this II program gets you bonus points. You get 550 Hertz points after your first “qualifying rental” and 550 after your 2nd, which could get you 2 free weekend rental days.

So, I did a little check on prices for a 3-day car rental in Denver. Right now, for my selected dates, I could get an Economy car from Hertz for $216. I could also get a full size SUV from Fox Rent a Car for $97, or a Mustang Convertible from Avis for $103.

What’s it worth? If you’re hoping to save money on car rentals, you can save a lot more elsewhere. On the other hand, if you already like booking car rentals through Hertz, this could get you a free weekend rental.

9. Dining Connection and Golf Connection (Gold & Platinum)

  • Dining Connection gives you special perks like kitchen tours, free appetizers, or a table visit from the chef, when you reserve at one of their partner restaurants. They cover about 170 restaurants.
  • Golf Connection gives you access to about 900 private courses in North America. You can also search for tee times online, and get a 15% discount on golf equipment that you buy through them.
Two golfers examining a shot Avid golfers may want to look at this

What’s it worth? Avid golfers may enjoy the golf connection’s access to private courses. The dining connection has a small number of partners, and nothing available in the cities I checked.

10. City guides & VIP Concierge (Gold & Platinum)

  • City Guides help you find out the best shopping, coolest sights, latest hot restaurants, and nightlife locations, for an assortment of popular destinations. They also provide travel tips and advice.
  • VIP Concierge helps you with all sorts of things – you can get their assistance with travel planning, gift ideas, restaurant reservations, and more.

What’s it worth? There are so many free online resources available with travel information, that City Guides would be just one more source to add to the mix. I can’t see myself ever calling VIP Concierge for gift ideas, but if this sounds good to you, go for it!

11. Assorted other discounts (Gold & Platinum)

  • Cruise discounts. You can get up to $100 cash back on a cruise booked through Interval. Sadly, you need to book a $4,000+ cruise to get that amount. Cruises up to $1,999 will only get you $25.
  • Miscellaneous discounts. There are lots of discounts available for shops and restaurants in different locations. This looks like the standard Entertainment coupon books I used to get, which are now available as a mobile app too. There are discount coupons or 2-for-1 offers.

What’s it worth? That all depends on how many coupons you use.

12. Airport Lounge Membership (Platinum only)

This gets you a free standard membership in Priority Pass, which lets you access more than 800 airline lounges in over 400 different cities.

The membership is free, but the lounge visits aren’t. You’ll need to pay a $27 fee per person for each visit.

What’s it worth? Do you want to pay $27 to sit in the airline lounge?

For more info, see these links. You’ll need to be logged into your Interval account to access them.
Interval International Gold member benefits
Interval International Platinum member benefits

Comments? Questions?

Do you have a Gold or Platinum membership with Interval? Which of the benefits do you get the most use from, and do you think the membership upgrade is a good value for you? Please share your insights in the Reply section below.

If you find the world of timeshare exchanges confusing or frustrating, check out our free guide The #1 Secret to Getting Better Timeshare Exchanges. You’ll gain some insight into how the system works, and learn how you can take advantage of it.

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  1. Don Barton

    Fantastic article, Deanna. Very informative and well-written, with clear analysis and detail. I am an II Platinum member and purchased the membership level for two reasons: 1) I do try to take advantage of Getaways, mainly as gifts for my wonderful management employees; 2) to get early views on Getaways before they’re made available to Gold and Regular members.

    I’m a little frustrated, though, by the way the early availability option is done. There is no easy way to search to find these. If you happen to search for a location where one is available, then you luck into it. But there’s no email notification, nor is there a way to specifically search for these deals. I find that frustrating.

    • Hi Don –
      Thanks for sharing your experiences! It sounds like you’re getting your money’s worth from the platinum membership. πŸ™‚ Surely it wouldn’t be hard for II to send out e-mail notifications of new vacations available, and that would be a nice little frequent reminder to platinum members of the value of their upgrade. But who knows if they’ll ever get around to it…
      Thanks again! – Deanna.

  2. Maureen

    This info is helpful. Are there also lower exchange fees if you have a gold or platinum II membership?

    • Hi Maureen –

      I wish! πŸ™‚ That would be nice, but it’s not currently part of the benefits.

      Thanks for the question! – Deanna.

  3. Hi Ms Keyhey

    Would like to talk to you, when convenient. or send me your email.

    • Hi Colin –
      There’s a contact form on the website you can use. Thanks, – Deanna.

  4. ppppp

    As a platinum Member there is a saving for $40.00 for unit size upgrade.

    • Hi ppppp –
      Thanks for pointing that out! Now that Interval has special size upgrade fees, this could definitely be a consideration.
      – Deanna.

  5. Mike

    This has been so helpful, You very clearly broke the benefits down for us, helping us make a decision that has drug on too long. Thank you.

    • Hi Mike –
      Thanks for the message, and I’m happy to help! – Deanna.

  6. R

    Hello Deanna,

    I have a US Diamond Collection with Diamond Resorts and we want the best access for the price to the various international properties. What do you recommend, as we want to keep our cost down and gain some great access? We probably take 3 vacations a year, but 1 or 2 or those are at places set due to pre-planned parties.

    Thank you!

    • Hi R –

      Do you mean you want to visit Diamond’s international properties, or what you can get with Interval? The Interval Gold & Platinum are really most worthwhile if you’re booking Getaway vacations with them (paid with cash, not using your timeshare points). Unless this is what you’re planning to do, then I doubt this program would be worth the extra money for you.

      Happy vacationing! – Deanna.

  7. Lynn Street

    Great Job Deanna, We have invested heavily into Diamond Resorts timeshare Hawaii through many upgrades over the years and have access to II through Diamond Resorts. We have another timeshare who is not affilitated with diamond that has approached us about getting into Club Interval Gold. Are the benefits the same. There is like a 2700 buy in for miscellaneous paperwork point conversion etc. It sounds like the same benefits that are being offered are what we have already thru Diamond. Can you shed any light upon this. One listens to all these sales presentations and it becomes really confusing. II is paid for by us ultimately through Diamond.

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