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Where Are All Those Great Vacations?

When you bought your timeshare, you probably heard about the exotic vacations you could take all over the world, just by exchanging your timeshare. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy, is it?

If you’re frustrated because you can’t find the great exchanges you were hoping for, you’re not alone. It’s no wonder you can’t find the best exchanges. The system is designed to sell you a timeshare, not to help you make the best use of it afterwards.

  • What if you knew how to work the system, so you could travel to those fascinating places you dream of?
  • What if you could take your family on vacations the kids (and you) will love, with wonderful experiences they’ll remember forever — just by exchanging your timeshare?
  • What if you could take the timeshare you already own (without buying any more), and use it to book a balmy winter getaway to a tropical island, a week at an A-class ski resort, or even a romantic trip to Paris?

I’m guessing these “what ifs” sound wonderful… but not quite realistic. For too many timeshare owners, real life doesn’t seem to work out this way.

The fact is that a few people are already doing this, getting the cream of the crop exchanges they want.

They’re the ones who have spent the time and effort to learn the tricks of the trade, often taking years of experience to amass the knowledge that lets them get those choice timeshare trades. They know how to work the system, and they reap the benefits, scoring trips to Hawaii, Europe, or wherever they want.

“I thought we could travel the world with this timeshare, but I can never seem to find any exchanges we really want.”

Meanwhile, the folks who haven’t got that specialized knowledge wind up with the leftovers, settling for second rate resorts, off-season trips, and vacations that aren’t what they really want.

You’ve spent plenty of money on your timeshare. Shouldn’t you be able to use it like you want? Why is it that they’re always telling you that you need to buy something else, that what you have isn’t enough? Who can you trust?

Finally, help is here — the information you need, from somebody who’s not trying to sell you a timeshare. If you want to learn how to score the vacations you deserve, Mastering Timeshare Exchanges is here for you.

Armed with this knowledge, you can move into the elite group of timeshare owners who work the system to get the best possible vacation exchanges. You’ll get more payback from your investment, and more fun for your family, too!

Gorgeous pool at this resort is right by the ocean This is the life!
What if you really CAN get better vacations by exchanging the timeshare you already own? What if YOU could get those fabulous vacations you hear about other people getting?

Honestly, too many people are settling for something much less than they could get. They’re settling for resorts that aren’t up to their standards, locations that aren’t what they wanted, or trips out of season when the weather’s too cold.

Worst of all, some people have given up on timeshare exchanges entirely, letting their timeshare go to waste, because they believe they’ll never get anything they want.

Perhaps you’ve heard salespeople tell you “you need more points“, or “your week isn’t worth anything anymore – you need to convert it to points“.

I want to assure you that the techniques you will learn in Mastering Timeshare Exchanges do NOT require you to buy more timeshare points, or make any additional timeshare purchase.

No matter what timeshare you currently own, you can learn to work the system to make the best use of it, and get more relaxing, enjoyable, and memorable vacations.

It’s More Than Just Luck

Have you heard of people who scored a stupendous timeshare exchange, just by being lucky enough to snatch it up at the right moment?

It’s true that sometimes you can get an unbelievable deal if you just happen to be in the right place at the right time, and act fast.

It’s like playing poker. Anybody can get a lucky hand now and then. But few poker players win consistently, because that takes more than just luck.

What’s better than luck?
Having a system and working it methodically.

“Having a system makes all the difference. Instead of random actions whenever the urge strikes, now I know exactly what I’m doing, why, and when.”

Here’s the answer… You take a set of proven techniques, and apply them strategically and consistently. That’s how you turn the odds in your favor.

In this class you’ll create your own personal Timeshare Game Plan*, that will show you exactly what you need to do when, in order to maximize your success. Just follow the plan, step by step.

Can you see how powerful that is?

How having a proven system on your side can change the whole game?

Now this steady and consistent method may not make as good a story as the “lucky break” tale, but over time, this is the way that works. Once you’ve gotten your dream exchange to the Greek Islands, you can tell your friends whatever story you want about how you got it. 🙂

View from our timeshare lanai

Just Follow the Plan, And Reap the Rewards

What’s really cool is that you can set up your plan, then just follow it step by step. Every day you’ll know exactly what you need to do – it’s all laid out right there for you.

If June 16 at 8am is the optimal time to take a certain action, then you’ll have this in your plan. When June 16 approaches, you’ll have a reminder about what you need to do. Just follow the plan, step-by-step, and you’ll always know exactly what you need to do, and when.

Best of all, this ensures that you’ll get maximum results from all of your timeshare activities! Why would you settle for anything less?

Here’s the best part for you…

I’ll Walk You Through It, Step By Step

I’m ready to give you my entire step-by-step system for how to get the best possible timeshare exchanges.

I’ve written books about timeshares, and plenty of articles, but never before have I delved so deeply into this specific topic. Never before have I revealed my entire system, like I do in Mastering Timeshare Excanges.

  • You’ll discover exactly how to set up deposits, searches, and exchange requests.
  • You’ll learn which sites to use when, and some special tricks for dealing with different companies.
  • You’ll see how I “plan my attack” from start to finish, putting all of the pieces in place to reach the vacation goal.
  • You’ll get free access to all of the planning and tracking spreadsheets I use in this system. These resources alone are worth $99!
  • I’ll walk you step-by-step through how to apply these techniques to your own situation, creating your own personal Timeshare Game Plan* in the process.

I can’t teach you how to be lucky. I CAN show you how to change the game in your favor, so that you can get better timeshare exchanges than ever before.

Mastering Timeshare Exchanges - Video Course

You’ll Wish You Had this System Years Ago!

OK, enough suspense. I know you want to get more out of your timeshare, joining the elite group of owners who know how to work the system to their own advantage.

So… exactly what do you need to do, to start getting the vacations you desire?

Mastering Timeshare Exchanges clearly explains the system, answers your biggest questions, leads you through creating your own plan of action, and gets you on the path to better vacations.

Here are the eight core modules:

#1 – The Big Picture

This introduction gives you the overview of what you’ll learn in the course. It sets the stage for everything that follows, and gives you tips on how to get the most out of this educational resource. You’ll find out…

  • What outcomes you can expect from this course
  • How the course is organized
  • Module by module review of what you’ll learn
  • The different types of course materials you’ll receive
  • Tips on getting the most out of the course
  • How the assignments work (and why they really are important)
  • How we’ll create your personal Timeshare Game Plan*

#2 – Exchange Fundamentals

Timeshare terminology can be bewildering (especially when you’re new!), and there are so many different ways things can work that it can make your head spin. This foundational module gives you a solid grasp of the fundamentals, so that you’re ready to dive deep in the following modules.

  • How the basic timeshare exchange process works
  • Variations you’ll see: points, weeks, deposit first, request first, and many more! What these mean and how they work.
  • How they decide whether you get the exchange you want
  • Trading power, and the factors that determine it
  • The importance of timing – dates can be critical!

#3 – Maximizing Your Exchanges

This system is all about maximizing your exchanges, by shifting the odds of getting great vacations in your favor. What does that mean? How does it work? That’s what this module is all about!

  • How much difference does optimizing your activities make?
  • How to maximize your trading power, so your timeshare is worth more
  • Visible vs. invisible calculations
  • How to maximize the probabilities, to increase your chances
  • How using different search types can affect your results
  • Common mistakes that can kill your chances of getting the exchange you want

#4 – Different Exchange Channels

When you think about exchanges, do you automatically think of RCI or Interval International? These are the biggies, but many people don’t realize all the other choices they have…

  • Two primary exchange channels: Mini-systems and major exchange companies
  • Three alternative exchange channels: Independents, direct exchanges, and rentals
  • Pros and cons of the different exchange channels
  • Scenarios where different channels work best
  • Evaluating which channel is best for getting a specific exchange you want

#5A – Exchanging with RCI

RCI is the world’s largest timeshare exchange company, and if you’re in RCI, this will be a huge source of potential trades for you. This module goes deep into how RCI handles exchanges, with a wealth of tips to help you maximize your results here.

  • The different ways to access RCI – Weeks, points, and portals
  • How searching for and matching exchanges works on RCI
  • Trading power units (TPUs) – what they are and how they work
  • Deposit trading power vs. exchange trading power
  • How to maximize your trading power in RCI
  • Managing your weeks and points in RCI – extending, combining, saving, borrowing, etc.
  • Getting bargain vacations with discount exchanges
  • RCI’s Extra Vacations, Last Calls, and more

#5B – Exchanging with Interval

Interval International is the second largest exchange company, and if you’re part of II, this is an excellent source for possible exchanges. This module shows you how to work the Interval system for best results. (It’s quite different from RCI!)

  • How searching for and matching exchanges works in Interval
  • Exchange types in Interval: instant, pending, deposit first, request first…
  • Interval’s invisible trading power and results – what are you not seeing?
  • Ways to maximize your trading power with Interval
  • Flexchange and flex deposits – how to use or avoid these
  • Using short stay exchanges in Interval
  • How to get and use Interval’s bonus weeks

#6 – Timing Is Everything

You need to do the right things at the right time. The same exact actions done at the wrong time could be useless, so your results are directly tied to how well you manage the timing. It’s not hard — once you know how to do it! Here are a few of the dates to watch…

  • What’s your usage window for your timeshare?
  • When do your points / weeks / deposits / memberships expire?
  • What’s your deadline to take action before expiration?
  • When is the best time to make a reservation you want?
  • When should you deposit for the maximum value?
  • What’s the best time to start a search request?
  • When should “Plan B” come into play?

#7 – Additional Considerations

This module covers a number of specialized topics that can affect your timeshare exchanges. Often there are trade-offs to consider in taking one approach vs. another. We discuss the pros and cons, so you can evaluate what’s best in a particular situation.

  • Advance planning vs. short notice bargains
  • Deposit first vs. request first – all the pros and cons
  • Using “Plan B” – why and how to create, when to activate
  • Calculating, comparing, and tracking true costs
  • Comparing channel offerings, costs, and probabilities
  • Gold and platinum memberships – are they worth it?
  • Guest certificates, rentals, and other special situations

#8 – Your Timeshare Game Plan*

This is the best part! Now that you’ve got the pieces, we put it all together to create a working system — your personalized Timeshare Game Plan*. Soon, you could be basking on the beach, thanks to skillfully working your personal plan. 🙂

  • Solidifying your primary strategy
  • Determining follow-up strategies
  • Filling in remaining pieces from your spreadsheets
  • Documenting exactly what you need to do when
  • Creating your timeshare activity calendar
  • Setting up reminders, to stay on top of upcoming actions
  • When to monitor, review, and revise your plan

“I was thrilled with our ocean front timeshare exchange on Maui. The view from our lanai was amazing, and I could even hear the waves at night.”

PLUS! … Free Downloadable Worksheets

When you sign up for Mastering Timeshare Exchanges, you’ll get complimentary access to expertly designed worksheets. This is the complete set of tools that you need to organize your timeshare activities, and build your personal system.

You’re not left on your own here, either. You get complete, easy-to-follow instructions that walk you through what goes where, and how to use every resource.

Here are a few highlights…

  • RCI tracking spreadsheet – If you’re a member of RCI, this is what you need to keep track of all your RCI deposits, searches, deadlines, fees, and of course the great vacations you’re getting!
  • “Losing track of my points and missing an expiration date, is like throwing money away! Using a proven tracking system means this will never happen again.”
  • Interval tracking spreadsheet – II member? This is where you can track all your deposits, requests, usage windows, flex dates, deadlines, and more. This versatile spreadsheet can also be used for alternate exchange channels.
  • Cost spreadsheet – Calculate and track the true costs of your exchange vacations. Using true costs to evaluate your options, lets you make informed decisions and get the most value on your vacations.
  • Timeshare Game Plan* – This is the grand finale! Here’s where it all fits together into your unique plan of action, that tells you what you need to do when, in order to maximize your exchanges and get the vacations you want.

(There’s more, too, but you get the idea!) 🙂

PLUS! … Two Advanced Bonus Modules

Once you’ve completed the core modules, you’ll be ready to take it to the next level,
and these Advanced Bonus Modules will help you make the leap!

Bonus 1
Advanced Exchange Tactics

Here’s a smorgasbord of advanced tactics that you can add to your Timeshare Game Plan to make it even more effective. They’re like the secret sauce that can turn a dish from “Yummy” to “Wow!!

  • Running multiple searches at once – why, how and when
  • Using retrades and ePlus to ramp up your exchanges
  • Comparing exchanges vs. other vacation avenues
  • Exchanging back to your own resort (sometimes it’s a great idea!)
  • When multiple exchange memberships can pay off
  • Using extensions and combinations to manage your dates
  • Best strategies for points/deposits about to expire
  • Beyond timeshares – cruises, air tickets, and more

Bonus 2
Advanced Planning System

Some vacations are easy to arrange, but if you’re going for the big dream vacation (the 3-week European tour?), you need some serious planning to bring it all together. When you’re ready to turn pro and tackle the big one, here’s the system to get you there.

  • How far in advance should you start planning?
  • Researching your destinations, seasons, and resorts
  • Evaluating exchange channels and probabilities
  • Selecting your exchange strategy (or combination)
  • Planning your deposits and search requests
  • Creating your timeshare activity calendar
  • Adjusting your plan as different pieces fall into place
  • Plan B? Plan C? Contingency plans for different situations

View from your balcony at this beach resort Want to wake up to this view?

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  • Bonus 1 – Advanced Exchange Tactics

    The main course will set you up for success with your timeshare exchanges, and once you’ve mastered that, you can top it off with these advanced tactics. With these ninja techniques, you’ll have the system tweaked, tuned, and delivering choice vacation exchanges straight to you!

  • Bonus 2 – Advanced Exchange Planning

    Bucket list vacations can require some special planning, but when you’re dining al fresco in the Italian countryside, you’ll know it was worth every minute. When you’re ready to go for a trip of a lifetime, here’s the advanced strategy that can make that dream come true, all explained step by step.

  • Printable PDFs of Course Materials

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Red rocks view in Sedona Cheers to your success!
Do you want better vacations?

Mastering Timeshare Exchanges gives you a step-by-step plan for getting the best possible exchanges from your timeshare.

  • Frustrated because you can’t ever seem to find a trade you want?
  • Disappointed because your timeshare isn’t living up to what you expected when you bought it?
  • Tired of people saying you need to buy something else in order to get the really good vacations?
  • Wishing you could get more value out of the timeshare you own?
  • Looking for some advice you can trust?

Mastering Timeshare Exchanges shows you how to turn the odds around, so everything’s working in your favor. You’ll find out how to set up your own system, that tells you exactly what to do when, to maximize your timeshare results, and deliver the vacations you’ve been hoping for.

This isn’t just theory or general advice. You get free access to all the downloadable tools you need in this proven system, along with step-by-step guidance that takes you through every piece of the system, cuts through confusing jargon, and explains exactly what you need to do.

When you finish this course, you’ll have your own personalized Timeshare Game Plan*, that will guide you to the vacations you’re longing for.

There's nothing as relaxing as the islands Sea, sun, sand… great vacation coming up!

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