New - Redweek Full Service Timeshare Sales

New – Redweek Full Service Timeshare Sales

If you’re looking to sell a timeshare, there are numerous avenues open to you – everything from selling it yourself on Craigslist, to paying one of those scammy companies that will abscond with your up-front fee. Now you have a new option to add to the list – Redweek’s full service sales.

Background is a site designed for timeshare owners and users, offering timeshare information as well as timeshare sales, exchanges and rentals. Historically, the site has allowed timeshare owners to post their own units for sale or rent. Interested parties can contact the owner directly to make a deal, so they cut out the middleman and save on commissions and fees. This works great for some people, but if you’re an inexperienced seller, it leaves it up to you to manage the sale arrangements.

For Sale sign Got a timeshare for sale? Here’s another option for you.

What does the new service do?

This new option from RCI is a departure from their normal Do-It-Yourself style. You submit all of the information on the timeshare you’re selling, and pay $125 to start the process. From there, an agent will be assigned to handle your sale. They will verify your ownership, post your unit for sale, and reply to inquiries from potential buyers.

Sales are handled by licensed real estate agents, who manage the entire closing process. You don’t need to worry about how to get all the necessary paperwork completed, or what forms need to be filed with whom.

How much does it cost?

  • $125 to start the process, which buys you a listing on the Redweek site for a year.
  • When the deal closes, another $399 or 3% of the final sale price, whichever is the higher amount.

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Does it make sense for you?

  • Safety. As a brand new service, there’s no track record to evaluate how successful these sales are, but Redweek is a reputable company with a lengthy history in the timeshare industry. I would trust that they will do what they say, and that sales transactions will be handled professionally. Of course, that’s no guarantee that your timeshare will sell.

  • Easy for new sellers. If you’re an inexperienced seller, or uncomfortable handling all the details of a timeshare sale yourself, then this service could make the process easier for you, with less potential for problems.
  • Cost effective? If you’ve sold timeshares in the past, and are comfortable with the DIY sales process or already have a reputable title company that you’ve dealt with before, then you may find that you get cheaper fees by handling the deal in a different way.

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Comments? Questions?

Consumer Awareness Guide to TimesharesIf you try this service and have any feedback on it, let us know how it goes. How about other timeshare selling services? If you’ve got any questions or comments, let us know in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re interested in getting into the world of timeshares, before you put any money in, be sure to read my free Consumer Awareness Guide to Timeshares for a wealth of timeshare buying tips. You’ll discover How to avoid 6 timeshare buying rip-offs, 7 Costly misconceptions about timeshares, 4 Steps to finding your perfect timeshare, and a whole lot more.

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