RCI $199 Timeshare Deals and Platinum Advantage

RCI $199 Deals and Platinum Advantage

Week of June 10, 2013

RCI announced a special sale on extra vacations, with more than 800 resorts available for just $199 for a week. These are mostly shoulder or off season stays, but if you aren’t tied to peak season travel, there are some cool deals here. If you’re a platinum member of RCI, you get a special advantage, too.

Beach near Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic You could spend a week enjoying this Caribbean beach for just $199

Basics of the timeshare sale

  • You have to be an RCI member to take advantage of this deal, and you have to own a timeshare to be a member of RCI.
  • This RCI sale is for Extra Vacations, which means that you don’t need to exchange your own timeshare – you just buy the week with your credit card.

  • The cost for every week offered on this deal is $199 for a 7-night stay. That’s just $28/night!
  • The travel window on these is from August 23 to December 15, 2013. Specific weeks available within this window vary by resort.
  • You must book your vacation by June 13, 2013.

A few timeshare deals I spied

I did a quick search through the listings, and found places I’d love to go every month during this travel window. With 800+ resorts listed worldwide, perhaps you’ll find something too!

Out of the available deals, many are for studios or 1-bedroom units, but you will find some that offer 2-bedrooms (or even 3-bedrooms in a few cases). All for just $199/week? You can count me in! 🙂

The lovely Las Vegas resort, Cliffs at Peace Canyon For a more urban getaway, this Las Vegas resort is a possibility

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The platinum advantage

If you’re a platinum RCI member, you get one day’s head start on the sale, before everybody else gets in.

Of course, these sale weeks aren’t going to be the most luxurious resorts or the highest demand time slots. That said, however, the platinum members get to search through the listings and pick up their favorites before everybody else gets to. It’s kind of like getting early access to the season-ending sale at Macy’s!

Becoming a platinum member on RCI costs an extra $55/year. Whether it’s worth the cost or not depends on how you use your membership. There are a number of benefits you get, but this advance sale access is a good one.

Mountain scenery near Snowbird, Utah For summer fun, how about hiking through scenery like this in Utah?

See the deals

Here’s how to find these special $199 deals

  • Log into your RCI account at rci.com. While this sale is still on-going, you should see an ad for it on the home page, though the rotating banner doesn’t show it 100% of the time.
  • Go into Search for a Vacation, then in the options at the top, select Extra Vacation only.
  • Select any region to search. It doesn’t matter what you select now – you can always change it later, but you need to do this to activate the rest of the options.
  • Now on the left-hand side at the bottom of the links, you should see a section for My Offers, and a link for Vacations for $199.
  • Click that link, and now you can search to your heart’s content, and see what you can find!

This sale ends on June 13, 2013, and there are limited units available. Some of these listed above may no longer be available by the time you look. The sooner you move on this, the more options you’ll see.

Who’s eligible? These deals are only available to timeshare owners who are members of RCI. You don’t need to deposit your timeshare with RCI or do an exchange through them. You just need to be a member, and then this is a straight credit card transaction.

Comments? Questions?

Have you ever gotten any super deals on RCI sales? I know I have, including some great deals on ski vacations last year! If you’re limited to traveling during school vacations, your selections will be pretty slim, but if you can travel at other times of year, you can find some true bargains here!

Timeshare Buyer's Guide~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Where else can you get vacations like this for $28/night? It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it? When I first got into timesharing, deals like this boggled my mind. 🙂 You can only take advantage of these if you’re a timeshare owner, and you can get into the game pretty cheap if you read our guide to buying bargain timeshares. Read this book, and you could save a bundle on future vacations!

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