Resort review - Sedona Pines Resort

Resort review – Sedona Pines Resort

We just spent a week in Sedona, Arizona, hiking in the red rocks and having a great time, as always. We’ve been to Sedona many times, but this was the first time we stayed at the Sedona Pines Resort, in a deal we arranged through RCI.

A little about Sedona

Sedona Pines Resort
Highlands Resorts
Affiliated with RCI
Sedona, Arizona, USA
Pleasant, quiet, cute.

You may have heard of the Red Rocks of Sedona, a gorgeous part of Arizona with spectacular rock formations. Or you may have heard of the mysterious energy vortexes around Sedona, and their spiritual powers. You may be looking for southwest culture and ambiance, or just like the sunny, temperate climate. People visit Sedona for many reasons, and it’s a popular destination.

Sedona offers incredible red rock vistas Whether you’re hiking or driving, Sedona’s red rock views are stunning.

Sedona is in northern Arizona, a couple of hours south of the Grand Canyon. It’s known for its dramatic red rock formations, which dominate the views around town, and have whimsical names like Coffeepot Rock and Snoopy Rock. Much of the land surrounding Sedona is protected National Forest land, and it’s a popular place for hikers, mountain bikers, nature lovers, and 4WD enthusiasts.

Sedona is also a mecca for spiritual seekers, who are drawn here by tales of the mystical energy vortexes around the city. If you want a vortex tour, a sacred circle ceremony, or an aura reading, you can find it here. An upscale resort area, Sedona also has many shops, art galleries, and interesting restaurants.

What’s the Sedona Pines Resort like?

Cute modular units in a little neighborhood with fountains and fake creeks, in a quiet setting outside the town of Sedona.

Sedona Pines is a timeshare resort with a twist. Rather than staying in condo-style units in a large building, each unit is a stand-alone modular building. They’re like little trailers, but more upscale, with high ceilings, extended ends, arched windows, and tile roofs. The dimensions and floor plan feel like a small trailer, but the look is much more attractive.

The units at Sedona Pines Resort are individual modular homes The modular units at the Sedona Pines Resort

These cute little units are arranged on streets that felt to me like a quiet suburban neighborhood. Someone described them as “creekside cottages“, but the creeks are a system of fake little streams that run in parallel lines through the property. There are fountains scattered about, and together with the “creeks“, they give the resort the soothing sounds of running water.

The resort has a large heated pool, several outdoor spas, a children’s playground, and a mini-golf course. There is a restaurant on site, and the front desk offers a decent selection of movie rentals. The activity schedule when we were there offered a flute concert, Native American jewelry sale, painting and photography classes, and a mini-golf tournament.

Built in dinette at Sedona Pines The built in dining area in our unit at the Sedona Pines Resort

Upsides of Sedona Pines

  • Very clean. The units are extremely clean and well cared for. Everything was gleaming, and looked well maintained.
  • Privacy and quiet. The individual modular units give you quiet and privacy, like having your own little home. There’s nobody tromping around upstairs, or banging on the walls. The location a few miles outside Sedona makes it very quiet.
  • Friendly. All of the staff we met were friendly and helpful, including the maintenance guys who had to pay a couple of nighttime visits to our unit.

Downsides of Sedona Pines

  • Out of town. Sedona Pines is a few miles out of town. You don’t have the sweeping views that you get from some resorts in town like the Sedona Summit. You also don’t have the convenience of walking to shops and restaurants around town, like you do from the Arroyo Roble.
  • Small. The modular 1-bedroom units have the narrow floor plan of small trailers. The galley style kitchen is cramped, and the bedroom is pretty tight. The living area is roomy enough, though, and the vaulted ceilings make it feel more spacious.
  • Problems. One night our dishwasher started beeping loudly, and wouldn’t respond to any of the controls. Another night, the heater stopped working. In both cases, our calls to maintenance led to quick visits and repairs. The staff was very good about fixing things quickly, but it’s an inconvenience to have anything break.
  • It’s not luxurious. Ignore the RCI resort description that talks about elegance and luxury. This is not a luxury resort. It’s a cute resort with some unique features. Personally, I’m OK with that, but I think the advertising is misleading.

Overall impression?

I’d be happy to stay at the Sedona Pines Resort again sometime, because I love going back to Sedona whenever I can. If you’re into outdoor activities and natural beauty, and aren’t looking to stay in the lap of luxury, then you might like it.

Sedona travel tips

Best time to go? Summer is popular with families, but spring and fall have the best weather. Winter can be cold, with occasional dustings of snow (which looks fabulous on the red rocks, but isn’t so conducive to hiking).

Activities nearby? There are hundreds of miles of hiking trails near Sedona, many of which are simply spectacular. If you’re not into hiking, you can also explore the area on a jeep tour, helicopter tour, or on horseback.

Insider tips

  • If you’re looking for a short, moderate hike with killer views, check out the trail to Doe Mesa (aka Doe Mountain, but “Mesa” is the more appropriate name). Ask the resort for directions.
  • If you want to take one of the famous jeep tours, I highly recommend the Broken Arrow tour, unless you have back problems or other health issues.

Comments? Questions?

Timeshare Buyer's GuideHave you stayed at the Sedona Pines before, or a different resort in Sedona? Drop a line in the comments below, and let us know what you thought. We’d love to hear from you!

If you’re thinking of buying a timeshare, you need to check out the timeshare buying tips in this book first – Winning the Timeshare Game: Buying the Bargains. It could save you a lot of money and headaches!

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  1. One other tip – they have free Wi-Fi, which worked just fine when I was there. I wish every resort did the same! 🙂

  2. Amazing Resort!!!!!
    We too had a vacation in Sedona Pines Resort some months before. NICE RESORT with good comfort and
    mouth watering delicious food from the near by chinese and other restaurent. Yeah the maintenance is good and i had great fun by playing golf in the resort with kids. I was offered this deal by the

    • Thanks, Steve! Glad you enjoyed the resort. Sedona’s a beautiful place! 🙂

    • Deanna Keahey

      And thanks for the comment, Dave!

  3. Howard

    Wanna do something nice? Help me, a 1st time Sedona visitor plan a 2 night surprise romantic visit next week

    • Hi Howard – A romantic surprise weekend? How wonderful of you! 🙂 A lot of this will depend on what you two enjoy doing. If you want to get away from it all, you could try staying at the Enchantment Resort, or for in town, the Hyatt is an option, or the Arroyo Roble that has really nice red rock views from private balconies. For dinners, there are a bunch of good restaurants, but one of my favorites is the historic Cowboy Club – just be sure to specify the Silver Saddle Room (it’s MUCH more romantic than the main restaurant). If you’re into nature and outdoors, there are gorgeous red rocks, hiking trails, and the jeep tours are fun, too. Other local activites include art galleries, vortex tours, or the scenic train trips on the Verde Canyon Railroad. Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

  4. Heather

    I received a free cruise in the mail from Sedona Pine Resorts. I called the number and I was told I had to go listen to a presentation. I ask them if this was the place by Desert Ridge and he replied yes. He said since I had not been in the office for a couple of years they would like to see me again. I told him I was not able to buy because I was in a car accident where I broke my neck, had to sell my house and I am putting everything back together again so I was not any place to buy anything and if I was going to buy it would be a house. They gentleman on the phone said it was fine and set up the appointment for 1/31/15 at 11:30

    I showed up for my appointment and an older white hair man named Bob walked me back to his cube. I was honest up front with Bob that I could not buy right now because of my situation. Bob started looking at me with slanted eyes and said if you are not going to buy what should we talk about. I told him he could give me the presentations. He started giving me a nasty attitude and replied verbatim “why would I waste your time or mine by doing that?” And he just stared at me with dirt eye. I grabbed my phone because I was very uncountable and I replied to a text. Bob says to me “if you do not but down your phone the 90 minutes starts now.” I told him he was being rude and making me feel uncomfortable and I wanted to speak to him manager. He then continues to give me even a worse attitude as he went to grab the manager.

    After sitting in Bob’s cube for about 15 minute… Jim the director shows up. I explain the situation to Jim. He said he remembered me from 2 years ago. I told Jim, I could not buy and how Bob had treated me. I explained to Jim that I told the guy I spoke to on the phone I had been here before and I was not able to do but anything. Jim proceeded to scrunch up him face and squint his eyes at me and turn the situation around on me. Telling me they cannot have people on their phones playing scrabble. I explained to Jim, Bob was being rude so I grabbed my phone to reply to a text because I was uncomfortable. Jim then asked me who I spoke with on the phone. I told him I had no clue. Jim then started to get more rude and scrunching his face at me. I told him I did not appreciate him treating me rude because I was not going to buy when I was reassured that would not be a problem. He asked me what he was doing to be rude and TOLD me Bob was not rude to me either. I scrunched up my face mocking him and showed him what he was doing to me. He said I would have to sit with Bob for the remaining time. I expressed I did not feel comfortable with Bob.

    Jim got up look around for a minute and came back to tell me that I would need to reschedule because there was no one else to help me. I explained to Jim I was not going to rescheduling, that I drove 30 minutes and I had been in the office for over 40 minutes. I said to Jim would watch a video. At this point he got very angry and told me he would not show me a video, He then proceed to say that I caused these issues last time…which I do not know how that would be possible since I was in a group presentation. Then he told me to leave the office. I asked for my cruise invitation back and he refused to give it to me and threated to call security. I have never been treated so rude and hurtful by a company in my life. I was so embarrassed of the treatment I received and I felt like calling the police for harassment. I realized that was not logical but I was so upset. This was the most unprofessional meeting I have ever had and I cannot believe you have these types of people working and representing your company. I was upfront about not be able to buy and was treated rude, had things turned around on me and wasted my Saturday morning.

    I get they are about sales but I was upfront and honest and was treated very poorly for it. I will never stay at one of your resorts and I will let everyone I know not to go to one of these presentations. I have puts reviews on Yelp and trip finder. I feel you should not offers trip no obligation except a presentation if people are going to be treated this way. I do not know if Bob and Jim thought they were going to bully me into something but that is exactly what they were trying to do. I was in a life threading accident where I did not work for a year. I have other priorities than buying a time share.

    Thank You

    Heather Morton

    • Hi Heather –
      I’m so sorry that you had such a distressing meeting! I’m not personally associated with Sedona Pines, and I don’t know the people that you refer to, but I do have a lot of sympathy for what you went through. In general, I find sitting through a timeshare sales presentation to be very uncomfortable, and it sounds like your experience was especially so.
      I agree with you that in your situation, you have other priorities besides buying a timeshare. You probably want to just stay away from any timeshares at all until you have things back together. Even then, there are other ways to buy besides going to the presentation.

      Hope you continue healing and get better soon! – Deanna.

  5. Fall

    Horrible experience no air conditioning for 3 out of 4 days. We were never offered a new unit. 3 day temp inside the unit was 95 degrees. The front desk was of Jo help especially Keri she was condescending and the absolute the rudest.. I would never recommend this place to anyone.

    • Hi Fall –
      I’m sorry to hear about your experience! We had some maintenance issues when I was there, but at least they were fixed promptly. 3 days in the summer with no AC is unacceptable. 🙁
      Hope your next vacation is better! – Deanna.

  6. Nicholas mosca

    The cleaning girl rifled through our belongings and stole some prescription drugs. Yea great place to visit but when the cleaning lady is scheduled to come by on Wednesday, take your valuables with you…..try the Italian restaurant, the worst stuff someone cooks and wants you to eat. Sedona is a wonderous place…. But not this spot.

    • Hi Nicholas –
      I’m so sorry that you had trouble with things being stolen! That can really ruin a vacation, I know. Did you bring it to the management’s attention? Thanks for sharing your experience!
      – Deanna.

  7. We had a party of seven three adults and four teenage kids. We were told that they sleep 6, but according to other web sites they only sleep 5. I could not believe the separate other bedroom, no kitchen. In the other one that was not a full kitchen. It was like a studio. We got the reservation through RCI. They were told that we could sleep 6. The couch was not a queen bed, the beds were not king beds. The RCI and Sedona Resort web sites did not show the rooms or how many they sleep. I will never stay there again.

    • Hi Stephen –
      Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m sorry you had such a bad experience! You’re right about the kitchen. The unit we were in had a pretty small kitchen. The whole thing was comfortable for 2, but would have been crowded for 4, and I can’t imagine fitting 6 into it! RCI really should be showing accurate information on their site so you can book what you need!
      Thanks, – Deanna.

  8. Daniece Hogan

    The resort itself is nice, however we got someone tricked into buying this timeshare. We were told at the time of buying it we could use the resort at anytime whether it be our points, or if we wanted to stay we would pay 89 for a two-bedroom in 69 for a one-bedroom as members. That is nothing further from the truth. You cannot make reservations as a member to stay there. You have to wait two weeks before the day you want to go try and make a reservation if they have availability for their members then you can stay. They did not explain to us the exchange RCI yearly membership fee. Then we have a every other year membership fee A500 and if you don’t pay that it goes up every month. Then when you call and try and get a hold of somebody or talk to they are very rude. Basically you are contracted in and anything you have regarding the resort, questions, complaints, is none of their concern since no matter what you are stuck in that contract until you buy it out. Bringing me to the point when we signed up for the timeshare they told us at any time we could sell the timeshare, but they had to be the first to offer it to. So I called them and told them I do not want the timeshare it is not worth it we never have used it in the year-and-a-half we’ve owned it and their reply was will you can sell it back to us after you pay it off. It is a horrible company and I am very upset that it’s going to cost me over $11,000 after it’s paid off. Definitely not worth it so before you buy into their timeshare please please as numerous questions and get everything in writing.

    • Hi Daniece –
      I’m very sorry to hear about your story. One of the distressing aspects of the timeshare industry is how they use hard sell tactics, often not giving potential buyers fully accurate information. Not explaining to you that you have to wait until 2 weeks before to make a reservation, or that you have to pay the RCI fees, are perfect examples of that. I would love to see the industry shift to a more honorable way of selling their product, but unfortunately, that’s where it’s at.

      I totally concur with your advice that potential buyers should do lots of research before making a purchase. Don’t get pressured into making a quick decision on a major purchase that will cost thousands and be with you for years to come. Take your time, walk away from the sales table, and do your own research independently. I’m sorry it’s too late in your case, but hopefully other readers can avoid the same predicament.
      Thanks for sharing your experiences, – Deanna.

    • Georgia Taylor

      I agree with you, Daniece Hogan. The sales individuals made many promises which were simple misleading. i felt lied the sales representatives lied to me in this horrible transaction of buying my timeshare. I recently asked if I could sale my timeshare back to Sedona Pines and told me they are no longer buying back timeshares. Terrible financial mistake!

  9. Billie Ousley

    Just recently was at the Sedona Pines resort, just like one of the previous guest the cleaning person lied about not finding the items I left there and calling within 2 hours of checking out to ask them to be sure and get my items to me. They said there staff had been with them for many years and would never lie to them and they have trust worthy cleaning people. Apparently I was dreaming about having the items that I left there, also one was a perscription pain meds, so I guess I was dreaming all along and never had taken that. I’m hoping the bird of paradise flys up their nose and they can’t sleep at night due to their conscients hurting.

  10. Caroline Bruni Poiche

    my husband and i got SCAMMED into a timeshare thru rci and sedona pines. after thousands of dollars later we finally paid of our membership..we want to simply be done with the whole sedona pines thing…but guess what…we cant..we are responsible for unloading it to family or friend (wouldnt do that to my worst enemy)! to give away there are transfer fees…or give them $1500 to take it back….scam, scam, scam….its a shame these people take advantage of average folks while they are on vacation….i can tell you what was said to us at the time of the sales pitch was not how it plays out…we take responsibility for our own actions…we feel extremely foolish,,,and we hope others will not be sucked into this scam of timeshares!!

  11. Caroline Bruni Poiche

    My husband and I got SCAMMED into a timeshare thru rci and Sedona pines. the..grounds are beautiful! but after thousands of dollars later we finally paid of our membership..we want to simply be done with the whole Sedona pines thing…but guess what…we cant..we are responsible for unloading it to family or friend (wouldn’t do that to my worst enemy)! to give away there are transfer fees…or give them $1500 to take it back….scam, scam, scam….its a shame these people take advantage of average folks while they are on vacation….i can tell you what was said to us at the time of the sales pitch was not how it plays out…we take responsibility for our own actions…we feel extremely foolish,,,and we hope others will not be sucked into this scam of timeshares!!

  12. Sandra L NORFOLK

    We bought a time share at Sedona Pines in 2007 and have never been back to Sedona to stay since then. We have paid off the cost and have paid the annual maintenance fees. We mostly bought in for the thought of traveling the world using the RCI points, but in all that time, we’ve only booked 3 vacations with RCI. Now we are retired and have discovered that we mainly travel by taking road trips in our new convertible, staying only one night in hotel along the way, wherever we happen to be for the night.
    I have just started contacting Sedona Pines about them buying back our time share, but after reading some of the comments above, I’m concerned that we’re going to run into problems. I’ve heard horror stories about scams involving selling time shares and don’t want to get caught up in anything like that.
    If you have any advice about selling a time share that won’t cause us to spend more money, I would appreciate the help!

  13. Michael Owens

    We are owners – Michael W. Owens
    And. Linda Ann Owens. Please call ASAP (removed for privacy)

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