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  • Timeshare issues – The Blue Week Blues


    One problematic issue in timeshares today is what I call the “Blue Week Blues”. If you’re an owner at a seasonal resort, or contemplating buying at one, then this could affect you. It all came about when well-intentioned but short-sighted people… Read article…

  • 7 Ways to Avoid Paying Overweight Luggage Fees


    The trend for airlines to charge additional fees for everything they can think of doesn’t seem to be changing. One thing that can skyrocket your cost for air travel is paying for overweight luggage. Here are 7 ways to avoid paying overweight luggage fees…

  • All-inclusive fees can multiply your costs


    If you’re a timeshare owner who belongs to RCI, you’ve probably looked through the Extra Vacations. There are some real bargains! One thing to watch out for, however, is the all-inclusive resorts. The fabulous deal you see could turn out to be dramatically different…