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  • Dream destination – Key West, Florida


    A little island at the tip of the Florida Keys, Key West offers plenty of sandy beaches and swaying palm trees. You can while away the day in laid-back island style, or enjoy myriad water sports. After one of their spectacular sunsets, you can […] Continue…

  • Florida bill could make it harder to sell your timeshare


    A bill that’s currently in the works in Florida could make it more difficult to sell a timeshare you own in that state. The bill, known as HB 7025 was originally about timeshare details like foreclosure procedures and reserve calculations. Then at the last minute…

  • Paying a drug addict to sell your timeshare?


    There are different ways to get rid of your timeshare, but you probably weren’t planning to hire a drug addict to do it. I’d bet you also don’t want to pay a convicted felon to help. Racketeering and grand theft are hardly the kind of background you’d want to see…

  • Why pay for 7 nights if you only need 2?


    If you’re planning a weekend getaway, why would you want to pay for a whole week? Intuitively, this doesn’t make much sense, and for hotel stays it would be a huge waste of money. With timeshare vacations, though, this can be a useful strategy…