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Dream Destination – Ireland

Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, famous for its 40 shades of green. As you tour the countryside, you’ll see fields of green, rolling from the mountains down to the sea. Sheep graze contently, fenced in by stone walls that could be centuries old.

Ireland's Dingle Way Walking the Dingle Way offers scenic views in southwestern Ireland

The rugged coastline includes spectacular vistas, with soaring cliffs, jagged islands, and windswept beaches. It’s a dazzling place that can take your breath away. Did you know you can take a timeshare vacation to Ireland?

Explore Ireland’s fascinating history

Ireland’s countryside is dotted with crumbling castles, abbeys and churches. The soaring stone walls of these ruined buildings bear witness to the glories of ages past.

Ireland, Ballycarberry Castle Ballycarberry – one of Ireland’s eerie and fascinating castles

Wandering through such atmospheric ruins, you can’t help but be overtaken with curiosity about the people who lived there and what their lives were like. What battles were fought here? What courtly intrigues and political maneuvering took place? Who fell in love?

The Irish people – Welcoming, friendly and fun

A vacation to Ireland isn’t all about the history, though. The country has a vibrant culture, with a long tradition in literature and the arts. Getting to know some people here will enhance your experience, and you’re sure to have fun, too!

Ride in a jaunting car in Ireland For fun, take a ride in a jaunting car in Killarney

Of course, you can’t go to Ireland without spending some time in an Irish pub. You’ll find Irish music, Irish dancing, and the ever-present Guinness beer. Raise your glass and say “slainte” (pronounced SLAWN-chay). Cheers and good health! 🙂

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Timeshare resorts in Ireland

Ireland doesn’t have an over abundance of timeshare resorts, but there are some very cool options. Here are a few ideas.

  • Ireland timeshare - Knocktopher Abbey Knocktopher Abbey Seasons at Knocktopher Abbey – If you love atmosphere and history, check out this resort located in a magnificent 13th century abbey, set in 17 acres of parkland. The abbey is in a peaceful area between Kilkenny and Waterford. Suites are furnished with authentic antiques, and the facilities include snooker, tennis, bike trails and a lounge.
    How to stay here? This Ireland timeshare is on Interval International (code KTP).
  • Ireland timeshare - Fitzpatrick Castle Fitzpatrick Castle Fitzpatrick Castle Holiday Homes – This timeshare resort is in a modern building adjoining the 18th-century castle. The hilltop location offers sweeping views of Dublin Bay. It’s a short walk to the village of Dalkey, and an easy train trip into Dublin. Guests have use of the castle facilities, including indoor pool, fitness center, restaurant and pub.
    How to stay here? The castle resort is affiliated with RCI (#0513, a Gold Crown resort).
  • Ireland timeshare - The Huntsman Club Huntsman Club The Huntsman Club – This resort overlooks beautiful Ballinskellings Bay and is surrounded by mountains. It’s on the Ring of Kerry, an exceptionally scenic area in southwest Ireland with many historic sites. Nearby Waterville offers typical Irish pubs and restaurants, while Killarney has ample tourist facilities and shopping.
    How to stay here? The Huntsman Club timeshare in Ireland is affiliated with RCI (#4813).

Destination details for Ireland

  • Where it is – Ireland is a large island in Europe, just west of Great Britain. The island is divided into the Republic of Ireland (which makes up most of the island), and Northern Ireland (which is part of the UK).
  • How to get here – You can fly into different international airports depending on your vacation plans:
    * Dublin, on the east coast (airport code = DUB)
    * Shannon, on the west coast (airport code = SNN)
  • Weather – Ireland has a temperate climate that never gets too hot. In fact, in Dublin, the all-time record high is 84F. Summers are comfortable, with average highs in the upper 60s. Winters are chilly. See
    * Weather averages for Dublin, Ireland.

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